New York Italian Mobs and Italian Mobsters - Stand Up Comedy Mob

2014-12-15 77

Greg Vaccariello on the italian mob in New York. Mob Comedy at its best. Get your daily dose of great Stand Up Comedy @ StandUpBits - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL!

Greg Vaccariello, a Stand Up Comedy Comedian, does stand-up comedy on wanna be Italians who want to be the Italian mob like the Sopranos. He makes mafia funny jokes about Olive Garden being one of the best Italian restaurants... NOT! You will never see a real Italian mobster getting whacked in a Olive Garden. If you watched the Sopranos, you know that a real Italian mob gets killed only in Italian restaurants. Greg Vaccariello makes mafia funny jokes that will make you think twice about going to the Olive Garden. For more crack me up jokes by Greg Vaccariello, subscribe to standupbits for stand up comedy.